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I just got a Celtic Dragon board, and man, now that I know how great it is, PGD is now my favorite skate brand!

— Tony Tacoma

I love this board. It is awesome. I landed my first hospital flip on this board!

— Ola

When my girlfriend told me she wanted to learn how to skate I went straight to my local skate shop and bought her a PGD setup. Its smooth, solid, no rattles and its got killer pop!

— Jamie Starling

I really like my board, the Diamond Dragon. It's really nice and durable, not to mention stylish.

— Kevin Leon

I love PGD boards, they're durable, they perform well, and they're cost-effective. Most of my accomplishments in skating were with a PGD.

— Angelo Manila

I bought one of these boards about 2 months ago and I think they are a great shape and great for first time skateboarders. It has lasted a long time and has also performed so good. I'm glad they made these boards.

— Billy Hamilton

I got this skateboard and I learned so much on it. It's really great to start on! You can do anything: drop-ins on ramps, grinding, street skating, etc.! It's helped me to advance to my new element board.

— Sarah

This is a great board for beginners and for getting back into skating.

— Mike Auckland

I reckon Powell Golden Dragon skateboards are great for beginners. I got my first golden dragon skate board and it's like nothing I ever expected. It's light and it turns and ollies great too.

— Joel Clark

I just got back into skating recently and wanted a starter board. Turns out these are great for ollies,very durable,nice concave and are a lot better than I thought it would be since I hardly paid anything for it! Great boards for any level skater!!

— Toby C

This board is surprisingly good for the price. It will probably last longer than I think.

— Alex Moren

I got an Arc Dragon about about 2 months ago and we get along great. I think it's a great board. Thanks a lot!

— Timothy

Lot's of stuff I need to buy these days, skateboards included. Gotta have enough to go around and thanks to you guys I have a decent skateboard to top it off. I'm loving my stick.

— Jeff Myers

I have your empty perfection, and I just love it! I have skated it for about a month, and I'm getting much better:) Love you, SurfOne, for creating that board.

— Mathias Larsen

My very first quality skateboard in an affordable price!

— Wong Su Kun

I got one for my little boy and he loves it. I was surprised at the quality of this setup when it arrived. Thanks a lot!

— Roger Horris

Thanks for making an affordable skateboard that really rolls and turns.

— Bill Samson

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