Golden Dragon Skateboard Specifications

Golden Dragon Concaves

This concave is so deep it adds significant stiffness to a deck and allows us to reduce thickness and weight without losing pop and response. It also features a steep flat nose and tail.
Maximum wheel base—14.50 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
This is like our K12 with a shorter wheelbase for smaller skaters.
Maximum wheel base—12.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.

Shape Specifications

191K167.5" x 28.65"12.25"6.2"6.0"
124K127.5" x 31.375"13.875"6.75"6.5"
188K127.88" x 31.67"14.25"6.82"6.4"
126K127.625" x 31.625"13.75"7.0"6.625"
112K127.75" x 31.75"14.0"6.875"6.625"

Concave Reference

NameNose/TailMax WidthDepthAngle/TailAngle/NoseRadius/TailRadius/NoseMax Wheelbase

Mini Logo Trucks

Mini Logo™ trucks combine strength, stability, and smooth turning by utilizing premium alloys, high-rebound bushings, and heat-treated axles. Designed, developed and proven by our professional team at Skate One. Mini Logo trucks will allow skaters to roll and turn with confidence when they begin skating, and will stand up to the stresses and impacts of advanced street, park, and ramp skating as they progress.

  • Medium-soft bushings for deck shape 191
  • Medium-hard bushings for all other deck shapes
  • Warranty against manufacturer defects for the life of the skateboard.

Golden Dragon Wheels

Golden Dragon wheels are high rebound , hand cast polyurethane wheels that provide great roll and grip.