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I got one of these for my son as a first board and, I have to say, the quality exceeded my expectations enormously! I first skated in the 1970's and have gotten back into it in the last couple of years again. It's great to roll with my son and I couldn't have bought him a better first board.

— Paul Kerr

Ok let me begin by. I'm a girl, I recently got one of these Golden Dragon skateboards from 2nd ntr and I love it because the price was perfect only 80 bucks. I got a skateboard as a birthday present . Ive been wanting one for a while and these skate boards are really nice (y) I give it an Aproval

— Becky “Star” G

I must say It was a exceptional Board! I loved this skateboard as a beginner this is truly your best option has great abilities and pop and grip pop meaning ollies and stuff I loved this board so much OH and the exceptional price for such a great board you cant go wrong I must say I loved it so much I still use it now every once and a while. It makes it easy AND doable!!! ANY PERSON CAN LEARN BECAUSE OF THESE COMPLETE GD BOARDS Cant go wrong so buy one ASAP!!!!!!!!!!1

— David Alex

Hello, I would say that your skates are very good for me. But the only problem is that I live in West Africa, in a French-speaking country or there is no sakte park or shops specialized in skates.C is in Qatar that m 'has bought your skate. So I just wonder if you can build a shop or two with a skate park. I live in Togo.

— Aymeric “KAS”

When I bought my first Golden Dragon skateboard, it hlped me a lot to start skating and landing my first tricks and I started watching clips from Cab. It really helped me a lot. Golden Dragon forever!

— Erick Marin

Golden Dragon is the best boards for beginners.When i came to a sports store full of skateboard,I always test this skateboard brand.Golden Dragon RULES!!!!!

— Danish “Danish” Ishak

Powell Golden Dragon is my first skateboard in my life and I love it because it has an exelent quality and good trucks , I learned a lot of tricks with it .

— Luis “Beto” Gutierrez

I love this firm. You have a really good trucks.

— david “sid” chaplin, samurai deck

yo compraba sus zapatillas eran vans su pro model cuando era niƱo a usted le gustan los dragones

— rodrigo “migraine ” ignacio, ninguna

Hey, my name is Mitchell Hammel and i skateboard every day and love golden dragon!

— Mitchell “Hammy” Hammel

The first real sk8 board my son has had. He loves it. Anyway I took the Golden Dragen to the sk8 shop for some new wheels & the owner showed me a copy of a demo DVD. He really stressed how good it was. How can I buy a copy? Shop was Straight Skate in Corpus Christi, Texas.

— Tom Spiewak

When I see this board.. I tell myself this is simple... because I am beginners..then I'm searching thru internet and am surprised this board is one of the board that using of my idol Steve Caballero... I am lucky they have of spirit of the great but downers skater Steve, thanks to Skate One... you're the best.

— Rommel Orequis

This is my first called real skateboard. It is very durable,even I weight a bit heavy it doesn't even bend too much. it is light weight skateboard. easy to flip, due to it's concave. Really, really love it, and also the bearings. Rocks! I love my Lair Dragon Deck!

— LordOzz

Men, this thing rocks, it's the best skate for start sk8ing.

— Rama Pannunzio

I think it is the best skateboard ever... like come on I've only had this skateboard for a week and I'm already able to do an ollie and grind. I love you Steve Cab for making the best skateboard ever.

— Richard Kielthy

Great board love it. A custom made board would cost me way more than a Powell yet a Powell is as good for its price. Great board great pop!

— David

This skateboard is very good. I was skating on a Target board when I first started two weeks ago and now that I bought a Golden Dragon skateboard it feels so much smoother and rolls faster and everything is better!!!!!

— Rajiv Ramaiah

I bought this board for my girlfriend's 7 year old as a beginner board based on the good reviews I had read on-line.I was very pleased with the overall quality of the board when I unpacked it and my GF's boy is totally stoked with his new stick. Good job Powell!

— Lee

I have been riding the Powell Golden Dragon for about 1 year and I love it. I can do all my tricks better on this deck than on a standard 7.75 deck.

— Zac Farrell

My first real board was a Cab Dragon and Bats and I still have it... Just got my son a GD and he loves it...I rode it and I'm getting one too!...Thanks CAB and Powell!

— Miguel

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